Saif Osmani is an interdisciplinary creative practitioner specialising in the fine arts and architectural design. Influenced by his time working in the architecture field, his abstract expressionist paintings often portray social settings and cultural shifts resulting from human migration and changes in the built environment.

He has held group and solo exhibitions in the UK, Europe and in Asia.

Visual Artist & Spatial Designer

E-mail: [email protected]    

Mobile: +44 (0)7915 234404

Saif Osmani

Graphic Design

Having worked for private companies, charities and public institutions, Saif holds extensive experience in business development, marketing and branding.

Design and branding for London-based charity Muslin Trust

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Jamdani-Saif Osmani

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Saif Osmani-Jamdani project

Branding for London-based charity Muslin Trust

Saif's practice incorporates the following specialisms:


Community engagement


Creative workshops