Saif Osmani is an interdisciplinary creative practitioner specialising in the fine arts and architectural design. Influenced by his time in the architecture field, his abstract expressionist paintings portray social issues and cultural shifts resulting from changes in the built environment. He has held group and solo exhibitions across the UK, Europe and in Asia.

Visual Artist & Spatial Designer

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Saif Osmani

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A Europe for all, by all

London-based artists from all corners of Europe came up with inspiring reflections, messages and strategies on how to activate citizenship to build a real European democracy founded on the principles of sustainability, social and environmental justice.


The purpose of the two-week long event was to stimulate debate on how to improve European democracy and to encourage participation in the upcoming elections to the European Parliament, while showcasing the alternative social models that exist.

Saif Osmani_100 Years Gallery Saif Osmani_Europe for All

Exhibition flyer

Exhibition display: campaign table for public engagement